Monday, 26 December 2011


Shoes just in!

"First term of uni has just ended with a bang! as students have been assigned into groups to develop and acomplish brief requirements over this Christmas holiday to develop group projects further to be ready to hit the ground running upon return in January."

Yup that's right folk's, here at LCC (London College of Communication) our animation class has definitely broken up for the Christmas holidays to relax and enjoy that Christmas turkey and church greetings, we of course have been given work to do over the holiday - which seems tragic for some lol

However we have been split up into groups - as we presented our work to the group as a proposal to pitch our ideas for group selection and post production. The proposals that successfully got pitched were then cast votes by my class to be worked on and the 5 ideas selected get carried forward to be produced.

Once the voting was over we now had to sell ourselves to the selected individuals and thus we sold ourselves to them based on our skills, talents and interests or choice of selection, and what we have to offer. So to cut it short I've been teamed up with class colleague Katie Sommers who is the director of her project called "Shoes"

It's a stop-motion project based on the 50's design and era and a lot of dance ;)
This is going to be quite an exciting project to work on as I'm doing something I haven't done before and I look forward to giving it the best I can!

Stay tuned for more.

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