Thursday, 29 December 2011


Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks update. Today I spent pretty much the whole day since waking up at 1/pm just doing work haha and wow has it's been gooooood.

I've got some work done for a new client of mine as were working together to create a title opening which will be animated once university starts up again in January - plus we'll be using the design as a logo too, so to feed two birds with one bread haha.

Here's a look at what I've got so far for my collaboration project with Ak Rekz.

This design has taken some time to get it to the standard it is at this very moment, however since I became knackered and Ak went to sleep I decided to catch up with my blog and webpages - making sure they're full up with new varieties of work and updates for my loyal fans out there.

I' also spent today talking and catching up with Snowflake again while working at the same time lol quite an interesting thing to talk and work at the same time - I'm learning to multi-task lol!

I also got some work set out for me during the period of January and February. As I've got a lot of exciting stuff to do during this time slot.

On that same note guys, I'd like to say good morning everyone wherever you are in the world and welcome to this message, I'd like to announce that my web page is ready to present to you all although it is in it's early stages. I do hope you can still show me your support and encouragement along the way as I am getting there. The web address is here:

The website has alot of news and cool stuff you may or may not have seen before so what're you waiting for? CLICK THE LINK lol

So now I leave you for now to take a look at and explore this creative website I've found and till next time, keep posted ;D

Much love
Moses xx

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