Friday, 23 December 2011

^_^ yo"

Hey guy's

How have you all been!?
Much work missed due to the cold I had a week ago or so lol
but other than that I've been relaxing and getting my body the rest it needed.

I've been spending today getting some work - tiny parts of work/ideas into my sketchbook and boy oh boy im inspired alright lol also spent some time catching up with a long term friend, snow ^_^ you can check out her blog page here:

She's a really cool girl very humble and simple and fun to have around. Very easy to get along with too she's a real cool girl =] so show her some love people and be kind to her and her page ^_^V

I just want to get back to work now but hey I can't rush it =]
So guy's stay connected and keep yourselves up to date on what I'm doing and you'll catch some cool stuff too :P

All I can say so far is new work is evolving ;D

Oh and P.S In 60 days I'm looking to get my website up and running!
(basically 2 months ^_^v)
See ya for now.

Much love,
Moses x

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