Friday, 6 April 2012

Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in updates lol it's been tough to blog lately as I've just been consumed with the animation project im working on at the moment - which is really fun right now! :D

so far we're in the pre-production stage of our animation as its a stop-motion animation which takes alot of hands on touch stuff. I'll show you a few pics of what I've done so far, which focus on character designs and set/prop designs. This can be found in the Animation tab :)


I've also been working on my latest private project called Prodigy and so far its been pretty much in the preparation stages and soon after the 16th of April the project will be OFFICIALLY launched and that's when the magic begins!

So keep up-to-date on the launch date, as there will be notification about this on both the site and facebook page too and other feeds such as twitter.

Client jobs

I've also been doing alot of work on projects for clients which can be found on my webpage on the project list page! I've had the honour to work in collaboration with UK fashion clothing brand Forreduci and new UK artist A-$tar PMA you can check out their clothing line here: they've been up and running for about 2 years now and its pretty cool what they've got along with what is to come from their brand.

So if I'm allowed to publish their work then I'll let you all know if not you'll have to wait a little while longer lol. There'll be more info to post up for you guys but for now I wanna relax a little - since its east holidays now lol ^_^ so for now take care and take a look at my website if you haven't seen it it's: 

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