Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hey guys long time no see lol there's been a lot of work that has been happening at uni and good thigns are going down right now (good things are happening) lol

I've finally managed to do my website properly and really begin to get things going, however this is JUST the start for me and my work, as I would really like to get out there and give it everything I got =]

I gotta admit it is quite cool to get your dream website name officially owned by you lol and boy oh boy am I loving it! is my site url and its demonstrating everything I'll be doing or getting up to - so take a close look at it and do sign up or register on the forums I got up there too lol

Hope it all helps as I've got a few tweaks to fix along the way - well not fix but you know ;) get working on haha so LET'S GET CRACKING!!!

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