Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hey guy's, 

It's that time again to show you what I'm up to so far and at the moment I'm planning to get my storyboards done for this week preferably today - to get the story down and dusted.

Today at uni we had a group crit session but without the tutors which was really cool lol as there was
good feedback and of course good critique points too, one thing I got told to research or look at is the disney film Fantasia 2000.

Which looks really cool for a while but then gets boring for me =[ as its just a repeat of the same thing over and over again but however the design for the character creating the plants and environment is pretty much cliché as I'm not really impressed by it - as it represents mother nature to me.

But do take a look at this video as its quite interesting in terms of character design and building up of suspense and excitement.

I must say the Firebird character is quite interesting and brings this part of the movie into some drama and action and I pretty much like that =]

Hmm...the name "Gaia" just came to my mind right now o.o" interesting! - haha
It reminds me of the times i used to play Age of Empires which at some stage in the game I got bored and decided to cheat a little and kill all the players lol which I really did ^_^"

But it does remind me of one mode which they had called "Gaia" and in this mode your basically mother nature creating all the terrains and hills and green stuff along with all the creatures - the bad side to it was that you couldn't turn back to God mode and take charge of your people - or so I think

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