Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sketch book work Part 1

Here is a look at the ideas I've had in my head this whole time.
I started off with this first page of Art Freak as a simple idea and did a quick and rough sketch of the idea. As at that time I was still unsure about my ideas and was still thinking what I should do.

I didn't quite understand at the time why Art Freak was such an attraction to me because before I had this idea I had other ideas which were pretty much the predictable stuff you see on T.v nowadays as my ideas back then were basically to do something fast paced with some action scenes and fighting between the main character and a "monster". I said to myself that I will not settle for anything predicable and uninteresting so I called myself to reality and began to think carefully about what to do so here is the process so far.











During this point of my work I got really and and frustrated with my ideas for Art Freak, because I was thinking to myself that this is useless and pointless, at this point I felt that I couldn't take it any more because the idea was stuck deep down inside of me somewhere and the thing that irritated me was the fact I couldn't bring this idea out - So I just decided to tear the pages as a sign of my anger/rage while I was doing this I wanted to literally scrap the whole book and forget the idea but then I kept in mind that this is my production diary and work for university so its best I keep the rest of the pages nice, intact and presentable- but sure why not kill a few pages while I'm at it?

Surely 5 pages wont hurt my work that much would it? haha ;)
P.s I was also thinking to use the words I wrote down as a motivation for my project, which hasn't taken place yet but I'm keeping an eye on it for when they are needed.






 See the monster I was talking about? This idea kept on growing into something bigger and better
but....decided to scrap it for another time so I dont have to worry so much about the number of characters I use for my animation - plus to keep things original and unique =]


I really like this ground map - which is a town based in a large tree, although this idea still lacked something... so I kept on developing plans and background designs - which I've never done before but from what I'm working right now its looking great! I'm looking for a sort of native but yet fantasy yet even surreal style or theme to support the look of my work.





Another attempt at trying to simplify my monster - which I'v now saved for future plans.



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