Monday, 19 September 2011

Animation work

Hey guy's here's a look at what I've done so far in terms of animation work - which took place this past academic year at LCC 2010/2011

Waiter: Working with sound:

This was a lip syncing project where we worked in pairs of two with people who we have never worked with before within our class, I was fortunate to work with Pema Denzongpa a cool and friendly character who helped to animate our animation. We shared out the roles for our project but at the same time we had to compromise a few things to get the work done in the end haha. The experience of working with a new person was and is still quite interesting lol as we both have our differences and we have to work together but at the same time we had to consider each others own personal and professional approaches to the work - which I found quite a challenging lol

*This animation was created using Adobe Flash and Final Cut Pro

For this animation the character designs were my own concepts and which were supposed to be quite simple and quite geometric in a way, I animated the old man (Pa) and Pema animated the old lady (Ma)

We had to really cut out a cool amount of stuff from our project such as our dear dear burglar who got scraped due to production time and being realistic about the amount of work that needed to be done - as one of the difficulties we faced was the use of Adobe Flash, as we had different versions of Flash but in the end it all worked out.

Right Pema lol :D

System Sound: Pix-elation Project:

This is my sense of place project, which was created from a sound track created from the sound art department at uni  by a sound art student. We never met with the sound art students for this project just so we wouldn't get any ideas from them (to keep the work original) 

So here's my interpretation of Will Archer's sound art work. Which I thought was a recording of a walk through the Elephant & Castle underground subway that leads out to the little market place there.

*For this project I used:

2x Digital Cameras | 1x Tripod | QuickTime Pro | Final Cut Pro

I used a rota-scoping technique using a digital camera and tripod to capture each frame (one click at a time & pigeon steps) which is a great way to do pix-lation work. I then used QuickTime Pro to put the images together and then taking it into Final Cut Pro to compile and export, and here you go.

P.s - It was COLD!!!.....

Tea Friendly: Test Animatic

A project from uni which was based on three key words, that we randomly picked out from an envelope which we then had to create an animation based on these three words. My three words were Stress, Turquoise and Teacup.

The storyline for this project was based and inspired from the adulteration of the Tea Trade business back in the 18th centuary where basically tea was taxed from about 12.5% to 119% - which was really bad as this led the higher/upper classes to turn to "gang culture" by smuggling tea, using brutal methods to get tea into the country but one of the common things that happened during this tax was the adulteration of tea - as some tea traders or indivudals used things such as sheeps dung to poisonous copper carbonate to convince their customers that the brew they were selling was tea - which it wasn't as there was no quality control on tea at that time.

And so I wanted to create something twisted lol so till then I'll leave it here for now lol

The Worst Job Ever: (Storyboard Practise)

This piece of work is an animatic of my pre-production work for class titled, "The Worst Job Ever" this was one of my early animatic's as I'm new to animation and still learning.

This was a basic exercise to help us get used to working with storyboards and being able to tell a narrative. We basically had to think what the worst job for us would be and from there we had to create an animatic to help us explain why it's the worst job.

For me I chose to personally use my work experience at a local internet cafe which I will NOT mention =].

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