Monday, 4 March 2013

FMP - Week 8 update - Animatic

Pre-production Week 8

Animatic screen shot below

Hello everyone!

Currently I am working on my animatic and pre-production material for my final film. I have just completed my storyboards last week (week 7). According to my production schedule I'll be working later these two weeks on some lovely animation test which I strongly look forward to, as I have quite a lot to animate but so far since finishing my storyboards I am now working on my animatic and for this process I am using Adobe Premiere to set the frames in the right order according to my storyboards.

The process of my animatic is going really well as I should have it ready for this Wednesday latest. As I  will be working with Niall R. Brown - who is a sound art student at university, he and I have collaborated together in the past on one of my student films and so he's agreed to team up with me and my project. 

So once the animatic is completed I will get the final edit sent to him which I am aiming for Wednesday  6th March 2013, below is a screen shot of my current animatic.

Previous Weeks 5, 6 & 7

Whilst being busy working on storyboards, I have kept in mind to design my characters for my film and came up with this simple concept sketch of Pii-Wii.

Storyboard Pages 1 & 2

Throughout the time of my pre-production stage I have managed to complete my storyboards for my project which all together now I have 8 pages worth of storyboards and so far it's been taking quite  a while to get it all done, but since being able to complete this task I have been able to achieve a great layout and structure of my story - which is now ready for the cut and editing process.

In the past weeks I have been working strictly according to my production schedule and this has been of a great benefit to the progression of my work.

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