Monday, 17 December 2012

Across The Pond

Over a course of ten weeks and several art sessions designed by the Dulwich Picture Gallery in collaboration with the Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey and its artists, I took part in a weekly group session which encompassed several different art techniques such as lino printing, using ink on canvases, print making.

The sessions were equipped with a variety of materials like charcoal, fine line marker pens, inks, acrylic ink and paints, graphite sticks and many more rich resources from the Salmon Centre and Dulwich Picture Gallery.

I must say that on the night of the exhibition I was not quite sure how well the evening would have gone, as I had mixed nerves and feelings about the event but however the evening turned out exceptionally well and the likes of Sam AdofoEugene Ankohmah, Katie Newman, Stefon Grant and the members of the Dulwich Picture Gallery were present at the event of the exhibition. There were also people from government agencies that attended.

As the night progressed I was approached by so many people asking how the project was and what made me want to create the images I created. I wanted to answer them all but alas... time was of the essence. I loved the audiences responses to the beautiful works we had created and was just touched to see them.

I was really touched to see how the amazing collection of works collected had such a great level of attention and key interest, as there have been 600 people and more that have viewed the artwork at the American Embassy in London, it was a really palpable moment to experience it all. I really enjoyed the artwork we created as seeing them once again was a real "sight for soar eyes".

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