Saturday, 7 January 2012

Yesterday and before :D

Weekly Update

Ahh yesterday was quite a great day! had no breakfast with a dose of shopping, then went back home to catch a lil rest and somewhat of a late breakfast at lunch lol - toast and tea, to then hurry up and eat as in the previous post I had to rush to my group meeting with my animation group that's doing the Shoes project :D 

Hillsong Church Live @ Tottenham Court Road

New years Day at Hillsong Church @ Tottenham Court Road :D so epic :P

Here's a look at what I did this past weekend :D haha Hillsong live for New years day =D it was such a lovely, live, inspirational and blessed time at Hillsong Church - such a cool place too :P I'd encourage anyone who likes concert type of places to go and those who want have never been to church to check this one out! - it's NOT old OR boring! lol



And yup this is a real live vid from me so don't think i'm being all religious lol - just being real guys =]

The meeting.

At around lunch time today I met up with group leader Katie Sommers, Jen Newman, and Kendra Lee Smith.

Unfortunately Kendra was unable to make it as something came up for her =[ but no worry we'll update her for sure and see what she thinks :D.

The meeting went really well as we discussed certain topics that needed our groups attention and stuff such as, finalising the character designs, pushing the storyline a bit more, continuing to gather research materials such as fabrics and patterns or better put anything 50's like is needed. As our story is set within the 50's era about an elderly couple who visit a cute yet interesting shoe shop - which the husband finds a bit of a chore to do.

Anyway we had a great time catching up and getting to see what we'll be animating with (armature puppets) :D
and boy oh boy does it look FUN! and it is, as I was playing about with the puppet towards the end of our meeting - man it felt fun just tinkering with the puppet and its such a cool feel too - although you'll have to build it yourself if you buy the armature :P haha.

By the way Borough market sells some REALLY GOOOD BROWNIES!!!!!! <-- I'll try and get some pictures of these brownies "munch" "munch" I can still taste it now xD lol and Jen you missed it lol ^_^

Sketches at Tower Bridge.

After going to the group meeting I then began my trek back home and got side-tracked by the beautiful scenery at Tower Bridge lol and just sat dow- well really stood for a long while then sat down lol carrying on the creative flow with headphones on and people passing by, some said hmmm, some said mhhh and some simply walked on lol.

Here's a look at the work created =] 

Logo Design Update.

Ah ha!
Got a call from a cool friend and collab partner Tony today after doing some drawings shown above this update as it began to get colder and a bit more challenging to sketch away as my fingers began to get cold and FREEZE! >_<"" but annnnnnyyyyywho I was glad he called as it was a sign to go HOME lol haha.

So hey he was glad to get a look at the designs done for him and he liked them alot :P so now we're working towards getting the logo finalised as I need to work towards an edit he mentioned to me so it still looks great and thanks to God it's looking good all the way!

Hallelujah! lol

Prodigy project.

Due to tiredness and exhaustion I had to cancel my trip to the Salmon centre today, as I wanted to meet one of their staff workers to help get my Prodigy project started with questions and some research info.

Kirsty R.I.P friend.

A long-term friend of mine has sadly passed away from a fatal incident which I won't mention, she was a really lovely girl lol quite funny and eager to get moving forwards. I really hope and pray my friends death brings unity amongst her family and loved ones, God this is hard, as I pray she's in your arms at this moment =[

R.i.P Kirsty
Much love and
prayer for you
and loved ones
especially Jade

My heart hurts for her now =[
I pray and hope to do something cool for her passing away =]

I guess you can see how my day was today.
Resting and blogging.

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