Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Things In Progress

Sneak preview

Hey guys, look what I've got =]

Its something new in-store that I'm working on for my animation project and so far this is just a sample of what is to come. Hope you like it, currently I am physically exhausted after doing some dance work for my animation and character movement which should be continuous each Wednesday or whenever I get the time to capture some character movements for the star of my animation.

My mucles are tense and I feel so alive lol but at the same time I now move slower as it took quite alot of energy out of me ^_^ but no worries I'm still able to work little by little.

I hope to get the stuff I've recorded and captured with my digit-cam soon, if not this week then next week will do by Friday latest so stay tunned everyone it's really exciting at the moment just wait till you see the stuff I got =] take care for now and God bless everyone.

P.s I've got some work lined up for a charity fund raising event for my local youth centre (The Salmon Youth Centre) where I will be putting my artwork forward to be sold along with very special and talented people from the centre.

More to come and stay tuned.


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