Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Making of Avatar

Oh man! this animation and film is just so beautiful man! how on earth did James Cameron think of Avatar?!!

-Yeah I know the release date was 2009 but hey I'm an Avatar like-freak lol - No I do not have blue skin! lol although that would be cool to just enter a new world and stuff lol

But hey I just watched the movie again but for research work and of course for my project lol but most of all a lil entertainment lol now there's nothing wrong with a lil entertainment and creativity is there? :P If so Im guilty yo!

but hey check this out the making of Avatar - Tis so inspirational :D watch I bet one day by God's Grace I'm gonna make a better film than this so James Cameron EAT YOUR HEART OUT! plus contact me if your reading this lol - who knows? a guy can try can't he? P.s I like your approach to film making and telling a story - Going outside the box awesome : )

Anyway enough of me and my creative fetish here's the link lol enjoy ;D

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Maaaaa'n I wanna do something better =/

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