Saturday, 22 October 2011

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Guest visitor +3D Studio Max!

Hey guy's hope everyone is ok, this week has been a cool but challenging week which has been quite weird for me due to personal & emotional issues..sigh which have put me off throughout the week..but HEY here's some good news! :D

*Drum roll* - Hmm I should look for a drum roll sound clip or so ha-ha

Anywho :D this week has been great because first off at Uni we got a guest visit from one of the staff members from Tandem Films - check it out =D and Rick Bland was his name I believe he's one of their producers. Rick gave each of us a cool and interesting talk about animation and where we would like to go or be after graduating from animation class. And he also gave us individual talks or tutorials? which I found really handy and very useful =] he also gave us some cool tip's trick's and website links for our work and individual learning and development.

3D Studio Max
For more on what I did in the 3D workshop please click the Animation tab and scroll down till you see the 3D Studio Max post.

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